The New Jomtien Landmark is Born … 
The Riviera Group owners Winston and Sukanya Gale opened their latest project

The Riviera Jomtien The most spectacular fashion we’ve seen to date in Pattaya’s real estate business

The intimidatingly large high-rise
the building itself, designed to meticulous detail, it dominates the
Pattaya Property Industry today and will surely scoop up Design

and Architectural awards in the future. Designed to stand out (and it really does)

with its 52 individual sky gardens each illuminated

Giving a garden-in-the-sky feel, whilst the huge pools on the 37th

and 42nd floors have the Riviera signature orange light-Sabre look
wrapping around them giving that sharp appearance, you can see from miles away.

The Riviera Jomtien really has arrived and sets a new benchmark for others to look up to. For 5 years the project’s strapline was 
“Born to be Glamorous’ Luxury, design and detail in every area is key here. Nothing is left out; every area is treated as important and there literally has been no short-cuts to the whole project.

contribution to Pattaya, the project itself and personally to Winston
and Sukanya for their dedicated efforts which he stated helped shape
Pattaya’s future for the better.

As for The Riviera Jomtien project itself, it’s hard to keep on praising
something, at some point, you have to go there and see for yourself. Its
public areas match those of a high-end 5-star hotel, (well, it’s better than
most of them to be fair), but go and judge for yourself, don’t take our
word for it.

As for The Riviera Group, what more can be said for Pattaya’s leading
Developers, except just when you think they can’t impress anymore,
they take it up a few more levels and then some. We look forward to following them as they move on with The Riviera Monaco.
Born to be Glamorous.